Thursday, November 30, 2006


-14 was the readout this morning. Now it's 11:30 and a whopping 8. Yesterday the high temp was 7, and the low was 1. wow it is that squeaky crunchy walk-on-snwow kinda cold. Where your nose hairs feel weird when you breathe in deeply.

Good news is our furniture showed up. After a few hours last night setting it up and throwing away tons of packaging material, it looks awesome.

Might be sloppy in Denver Sunday, or it might just be cold. Or both, we'll see. The bike could use a sloppy race. I always like to separate the weak bike handlers out there.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

still here, still cold

11:10a, no furniture delivery yet. it's warmed up to 4.5 degrees.


came back to the house to wait for our furniture delivery. they said 9-11a. it's 10:30, so hopefully they're not lost or stuck.
When I pulled in I shovelled out back for as long as my bare hands could stand the 3 degree temperature. I lasted about 5min. It is snowing too, and that cold, so at least we're seeing some nice fluffy light powder. If it weren't so ridiculously cold, I'd want to go ski Sallie Barber after work.
rollers beckon tonight. i will have to watch a movie.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Alina really digs the christmas lights and decorations. hard to believe you can get a 29' strand of white or colored lights for $1.99, sometimes even $.99 on sale.

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guess who?

alina enjoying some nice weather before winter came back. nice photos Helen.

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aahhh, Fruita beckons

off season and base building

i read this great comment below from Nick Martin's blog.

Six hours down, 394 more to go. Base is really the only time of year we get to mingle with the roadies and their clean drivetrains. It's refreshing to actually hear new stories of the season past.... Crazy how similar our lives are but yet so different.

Not that I have the time to put in 400hrs of base b/w Jan and April. That would be 100hrs a month, or 25hrs a week. Guess if you're a Boulder-based pro or just a millionaire with lots of time and little commitments, it might be possible. I put in about 250hrs a year, total, incl racing and everyday riding. But the quote is good. I prepare my base for 5 months for 6 months of racing. Kinda like at work, though the calendar is reversed. We prepare May-Oct for the revenue we make in Nov-Apr.


2 weeks away is the first snowshoe race of the season, and of the Beaver Creek series. It also happens to be cross state champs down at Xylinx outside of Boulder. For Helen, she will get rekindled with the "pain cave," as Dave Towlie would say. The few snowshoe races I've done were some of the hardest things around. No recovery, bouncing all over the place. But a great anaerobic workout for sure. And I think snowshoeing is great for building power in the quads and thighs. Normally, Alina and I hang out and watch Helen's races, and we'll hike up on course and check out Helen. I will have to do a few 5k events, just to remind myself of the pain.

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g-men cross

sunday was the gmen race at Easton Regional Park near Dakota Ridge high school, the venue in years past used for Kappius' Foothills Cross series. the drive down was a little slower due to the Thanksgiving mass exodus down to DIA that day.

tangent- Thanksgiving was busy. Great Western Lodging, offering Breckenridge lodging, was booked. The SDN reported that last Wednesday's big check in day was the 3rd largest # of cars in a 24hr period in the history of the tunnel. Over the 5-day Wed-Sun holiday travel week, 202,000 vehicles traveled through the tunnel. That is a lot of cars.

the race was fun, but I didn't have the response I needed a few laps into it when the major selection was made. I had the great start as usual, but I didn't feel so good in the uphill grass slogs by the pit and past the start. The dirt road climb was good, the short punchy dirt climb was good, though some Rocky Mounts dude slammed the door on me as he was dismounting to run up what I was riding. I liked the dirt road descent to the 90 deg left turn barrier and steep run-up. Dismounting off-camber at some speed going downhill was challenging. I am starting to feel faster on the hairpins and sharper turns now - consciously touching the brakes only at the last possible second, only using the rear brake if I do happen to brake mid-turn, being in the perfect gear to accelerate out of the turns, timing the pedal stroke perfectly on sharp corners. If I can maintain or improve these skills, and confidently be able to ride 35psi (instead of the 45-50 I use now, though I haven't flatted out of any races this seaosn)...things could be really good. My fitness is waning, but it is still adequate to keep me in the front group without any mistakes.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

'cross World Cup #6 - Koksidje, Belgium

America's best cross racer, Ryan Trebon, managed a 25th place, 5min behind super stud Sven Nys. Check out the results. I will wait to read the race report to see if they mention how his race unfolded. Hopefully he had a mechanical or something, though it may not be likely given the caliber of Euro riders and the and ruthless.

Friday, November 24, 2006

another nice ride

rode outside around town again today. not quite the climbing of yesterday's Imperial loop up Pk 7 and such, but a fun spin around town and Boreas and some good music. The roads were good, it was in the mid 40s and partly sunny. I read heavy snow and arctic cold air in Breck by the middle of next week, so any riding outside (esp without booties) is good riding and potentially short-lived. Plenty of people in town, but the backroads were in good shape. A few quick starts and short punchy climbs and the legs feel good. Let's hope that's the case on Sunday, and dry weather and low 50s are in the forecast. That's good news for the mountainbikers. 3 more wknds of cross. if the weather holds a bit more I should be in good form til states.

mud cross

cool pic of Kabush ripping through the mud of Portland last weekend. this is what traditonalists call true cross weather. I have proven to ride okay in these conditions, but I certainly don't like them. And as Jared pointed out, it really sucks to have to clean your bike afterwards, let alone your kit.

pic courtesy of

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Thanksgiving, and an Imperial loop

after a nice half day at work, I got out on the cross bike for a spin around town. as I was pedaling around town, I wasn't sure where to ride. but it sure felt great to get outside since it was about 50 degrees and sunny. As I crossed Main St to hop on the bike path, I saw many skiers walking around in the free-for-now parking lots. Since we haven't had snow in about 2 weeks, I thought to myself how much more enjoyable the bike ride was than to be on the mountain fighting the crowds for some turns. Heck, today was a powder day for a cyclist. How can you beat dry roads, 50 degrees, and sunshine in late November? I rode north on Airport Rd. til I got to County Rd 3, then I veered uphill and decided to ride the Imperial bike course, all the way up Pk7 and around by the new gondola til I got to the base of Pk8. My biggest concern was whether or not I was going to get my nice perty bicycle all muddy. Well of course it got muddy, but it's a cross bike. The lower sunny portions of Cty Rd 3 were a bit muddy, but as I headed higher up they were soon snow-packed and perfect firm traction for my cross tires. It was a refreshing change to climb a good long hill, and my 42x29 was a great gear for it. I doubt I will race the Imperial this year, as I am usually getting shelled at the Roubaix or some other early season road event like the Koppenburg. I haven't raced the Imperial since 1999, but I need to give it another try one year. If I do, the cross bike might be perfect, much lighter than the mountain bike.

After a great Thanksgiving over at Doug & Susan's, Helen and I watched a History channel show about the history (duh) of Thanksgiving. Pretty basic stuff. But I did learn something interesting. In 1939, FDR decided to try and kickstart the depression economy by extending the traditional Holiday shopping season. He did this by moving Thanksgiving from the last Thursday in November to the 3rd Thursday in November. It became a mess, as 23 Democratic states honored FDR's switch to Nov 23, but 23 Republican states decided to keep Thanksgiving on Nov 30, the last Thursday. In 1941, feeling the pressure from this unpopular move, Congress voted to permanently switch Thanksgiving back to the last Thursday in November. Colorado was the only state in 1939 to actually celebrate Thanksgiving on both days, 11/23 and 11/30. This obviously troubled some families, because not everyone had the same day off work.

interview with Tim Johnson

courtesy of -

An interview with Tim Johnson, November 23, 2006
Growing USA 'cross scene

Tim Johnson is one of the serious players in the cyclo-cross world, often seen passionately enjoying the winter on his 'cross bike after a season of road racing. The American is always at the business end of the races, making him the perfect rider to talk to about the growing 'cross scene in the United States. Cyclingnews' Gregor Brown spoke with Tim Johnson (Cannondale/ as he was in the Northwest preparing for his final two USGP races.

Beginning cyclo-cross at an early age, Tim Johnson finished the 1999 U23 world championships third behind Belgians Bart Wellens and Tom Vannoppen, going on to recorded numerous successes in the USA. He kicked off 2006 with an explosion, winning in Vermont, Southampton and Downeast, before Ryan Trebon (Kona) took control of the USA 'cross scene.

"Since then it has been the reign of Ryan," said the 29 year-old in a half-joking manner. "He has had really good luck and good form, wining every race he entered until this last week when he had a mechanical and got fourth [in Boulder Cup, November 5]. It was a big opportunity for us to attack; too bad for Todd Wells and I, Wicks bridged up and got us both.

"Right now I am committed to the last two days of the USGP, in Tacoma and Portland. [In Portland, Johnson went on to win the epic finale - ed.] From there we will go to New England, preparing for nationals. Last year it was such a huge event for everyone, with over a 1,000 racers. The blizzard made it so spectacular but I think that this year will once again show how big cyclo-cross has become in the USA. We should see a massive turnout in Providence [Rhode Island]."

Johnson is referring to the growth of the cyclo-cross scene in the USA. The professional races have much greater depth than a few years back, and the amateur levels are growing in large numbers. At all the races Johnson attends, he is met with a roar from fans surrounding the typically-short 'cross circuits.

"It has been getting much bigger in the last years," Johnson noted. "There are more and more people riding 'cross bikes. If your garage has a mountain or road bike already then your next bike is going to be a cyclo-cross bike. All the people that got into the sport six or seven years ago because of Lance Armstrong, their garages are already full [with road and mountain bikes]. ... They can go out and do a race, a short race, and be back home with their family and kids in the afternoon.

"That is how more riders are getting into the discipline. Becoming fans, racing and also cheering us on. When we are racing at the upper level, all of those people know their racing.

Cyclo-cross has always enjoyed a large number of road racers who want to keep their legs moving in the winter but there is also a influx from the mountain bike community towards the discipline.

"Well, I hate to say it but it is partly due to the demise of mountain biking," continued Johnson in regards to why the upper-end of the sport is growing. "There is more money in 'cross, so those guys are making the switch and racing. Like Todd [Wells] and Ryan [Trebon]. Ryan is current USA national mountain bike champion but he sees more of a future on the cyclo-cross bike.

"The other thing is that companies realize getting behind a 'cross rider provides them with exposure during the [road] off-season, in the winter. That is helping build the industry support."

Like in road racing, the pinnacle of 'cross racing is often viewed in Europe, where riders like Sven Nys and Bart Wellens have ruled for years. Making the trip across the Atlantic Ocean and competing on foreign territory is something that Johnson believes is possible.

"That is my goal for the next cyclo-cross season; I have already started making plans for that," noted the rider from Massachusetts, who has previously battled with the Belgians early on in his 'cross career. "I will do a combination; not turning my back on the USGP. Go to Europe and do a few races, come back here for nationals, then back to Europe for the last month and a half leading to the worlds.
"A globalization, like Sven was saying. That would also help Bart's reality show!"

- Tim Johnson on need for World Cup race in the USA.

"It is a testament to the USGP, because I don't want to leave the USGP competition. Like [Sven] Nys said in the Cyclingnews interview, we need a world cup here in the USA. If we formed a world cup and held another big race on the previous weekend, then the guys can come over for two solid races. We can duke it out with these guys on our home turf. For promoters it would be good and for the growth of cyclo-cross in the USA it would be great. A globalization, like Sven was saying. That would also help Bart's reality show!" [Bart Wellens has a popular reality show in Belgium, Wellens en Wee. - ed.]

Johnson believes the Americans would do best to travel in a pack. "You know in my first world cup in 1999 (as a solo rider) it was just me and Jonathan Sundt. I think I got 17th in Switzerland [GP de Suisse]. If we go over together we can then show our strength against the Europeans. The USA riders are so fast in early season that if we went over early then I think we can give a good indicator of our power."

"Ryan [Trebon] is still emerging; he is 26 or 27 years-old," summarized Johnson when asked about the new crop of talent in the USA. "He is number one, and we have known how good he is for a while. Todd [Wells] is the current champion and has been getting better and better through this season. Jeremy Powers, who banged his head against the wall racing in Europe, is getting better here [in the USA]. His efforts in Europe are paying off and he will continue to use that experience to grow. ... Then there are a lot of other riders I don't watch, just because I am wrestling with Ryan and Barry."

After our interview, Johnson finally won the battle against Trebon in the final USGP race of the season, the Stumptown Cup. Sunday, in Portland, Oregon he excelled in the extremely damp, muddy conditions to ride free of his competitors, while Trebon, who had the USGP series locked-up, finished fifth.

cross evolution

even a traditional sport like 'cross has evolved over the years. check out these 3 pics. did these guys LeMans start and hop on right away? that could be an interesting start to a race. then below that is the USGP Boulder Cup a few wknds ago. and a close-up of Kabush's bike. nowadays cross frames are very specific, using carbon almost as much as road frames. and the wheels, tires and brakes are just freakin amazingly tech. people still piece together bikes from left over parts from 5-10 years ago, but not as often as in the past.


wow, my taste buds are just blown away right now. Ken, a true coon ass friend, sent me some links to sites where you can order turduckens to be shipped overnight. It is funny how most Americans simply have no idea what good food is. This is good food. Never did I say it is healthy food, but it is good food. And I thought a fried turkey would be good!

Happy Thanksgiving to the few who read this. It's a warm 31 degrees (by Breckenridge standards), and slightly overcast. I hope to get out on a short bike ride after lunch, to burn at least a few hundred calories before I eat enough for 5 people this evening.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

super meltdown in the supermarket

sounds like Alina had enough sitting down yesterday as she was with Helen in the store. Helen said Alina had enough of sitting in the shopping cart, and soon after she only wanted to be held. So after a while, and into most of the shopping list, Alina started arching her back and screaming. Helen put her down, she looked back at Helen, turned the other way and started screaming. Then as they were in the bread aisle at the store, Alina continued her meltdown and started pulling load after load of multi-grain bread off the shelves. What a sight, I wish I had been there to see that! Guess she had an audience of curious shoppers.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

holiday 1 is here

holiday 1 of 5 major ski season holidays is here. with that comes the crowds. that is why we're getting our grocery shopping done now, as tomorrow night and Thursday the store shelves may just look like the great depression is back. Although the crowds are increasing each year, you'd think that City Market and its managers would order enough supplies for the big holiday rushes. maybe not though.
too bad it is so busy at work, b/c it sure is nice outside. my once weekly outdoor bike ride is in serious jeopardy! maybe I will sneak one in just before turkey dinner on Thurs afternoon, but prob not. How can I follow up last week's victory without some decent time on the bike?

Sunday, November 19, 2006


finally won a race today. red rocks had one of their series races up at the CO State Patrol test driving track up on South Table Mountain overlooking Golden. not a great field but some fast guys, as it was a BCR series race.

course was very bumpy with some good turns, and overall pretty high speed. i of course ran too much pressure but it worked out. had another good start and sat 2nd wheel behind Opperman going off the asphalt into the grass. those turns were real good to me, as I was getting gaps there early on Ryan and other. played it real smart and rode 1-4th for the opening 20 min, then Ryan, Opperman and I formed a nice chase group. Soon it was hyst Ryan and I, and we roll through and they tell us 2 laps to go. ryan and I share pulls and we get some space on he riders behind us. then 1 lap, and we both set good tempo in the uphill road sections. i go first into the grass and I get some time on him quickly there.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

ready to ride

well, not really. but at least she likes the helmet.

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quiet heat

the heater in the garage was getting noisy. as it turns out, the special rectangular nut that threads on to the spindle of the bearing/motor was loose. about 1/2 turn tighter and the heater's nice and quiet now. i wonder how long again before something else loosens up? riding the trainer below it the other morning, sounded like a plane was landing in my garage.

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restaurant days are over

as I had expected, the Breck Brewery won't let me work just 1 shift a week. kinda bums me out, as I had been working there each of the last 7 seasons. Typically just 2 shifts a week, and then I cut it down to once a week last year after Alina was born. I had some good times at that grease pit, highlighted by meeting Helen there what must be 6-7 years ago. I will miss the extra $500 a month, esp. with our hefty new mortgage, but we will adjust. On the bright side, I am looking forward to spending more time at home with Helen and Alina.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

more pics...

from Alina's first trip to the Blue Ridge mountains of Virginia for Helen's ultra, the Mountain Masochist 50 miler. Mary's brother George gave Alina this little toy that she apparently played with the whole day in the car.

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mtb ride in summit county in november

i write that like it's something to brag about. well, it kinda is, at least up here in the frozen tundra of breckenrfridge. actually today it was pretty mild, and the ground, although mostly snowcovered except ons ome roads, is not yet frozen. but that's not far away.

today I got out at lunch for a short spin on the mountain bike. Since we've had 18" of snow the last week, I knew the roads would be too icy, slushy, wet for a safe trip on a road or cross bike. So the mountain bike was the answer. After a quick warm-up around town to realize I was overdressed, I headed up Wellington to get up French Gulch Rd. It was a wet muddy mess due to the construction workers and the big trucks having melted a lot of the packed snow on the road. But once I passed Country Boy mine, the road changed over to nice, packed, firm snow, which provided perfect traction and bit of extra resistance for a good workout. Funny how much one can sweat when it's overcast and below freezing.

Tonight is Thanksgiving for the little kids at Little Red School House, over at Beaver Run. Should be fun. I need some more pics on here. why do I have trouble with that. it is so easy with the Blog This! function in Picasa, Alina could probably do it.

a month

it has been a month in the new house. pretty neat, esp. now that we have our blinds in the house. all that's left is the new panel on the garage, and hopefully the builder can have the plumber take a look at our loud heat in the master.

3 days in a row on the trainer. I hadn't done that since prob sometime in April or May. I am not horribly motivated, just a little. I really want to have a good race on Sunday. It is cold out and snow everywhere, but nonetheless I am riding my mtb at lunch.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006


they're calling for 9-12" by tonight. blizzard conditions now here on Main St in Breck. I can't see more than about 75 yards. looks like the trainer beckons again. maybe a short run also. when this slop moves out I hope to get outside on the mountain bike.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Boulder Rez cross

yest'day was the 2nd race at the Boulder Reservoir. I had missed the last one there when my folks were in town to help out around the house. since the race was on Saturday I swapped my Sunday off for Saturday off. we left the house and made it down to the Republic in record time of 1hr35min. a quick stop at Boulder Running Company, and we were off to the rez. I wasn't looking forward to riding in the water (the standard course), so it was nice to see a new course altogether.

description: flat to downhill start on pavement for 300m, then right turn onto bumpy grass single, hairpin right onto bumpy, gravelly grass single, then off camber sweeping gravel left onto more gravel and single, right turn downhill through grass, up and over 2 rollers, right back onto bumpy grass, sweeping left through leaves, down to beach, sandy single to dock, run up dock and through volleyball field, back around rez and up through gravel and sand to road to start finish.

had a great start again, didn't feel too tough. Taylor Phinney took the hole shot and had about 75m gap thanks to his two-chainring road gearing on the downhill asphalt. My 42x12 wasn't doing too much, but soon he faded and flatted. That left me out front until Katie caught back on during the 2nd lap. I was riding her wheel for 2 more laps before I bobbled on a sandy hairpin and she was gone. After a CU kid flatted and then again bridged up to Katie, I had to turn it down a notch before I blew. I settled in for a race for 3rd with Ward Baker and got nipped at the line. 4th ain't so bad. but 2nd would be nicer. next time!

Friday, November 10, 2006

10 Latest Visitors

if you look down to the right, you can check this out soon. Obviously, it is not yet working properly. I wish I had such international readership, but that's not the case.
I'll get it fixed by the weekend.

Basso with Discovery

No surprise really. Discovery is a big budget team with lofty goals. It is also no surprise to me that Discovery has the "best doctors" around, if you know what I mean. It seems that Phonak's doctors are hacks, as an alarming number of their riders have been caught doping. I still like Lance, but to think that he didn't cheat and dope up is absolutely naive and completely ridiculous. If doping is so rampid in professional cycling, does it diminish my love of the sport? Not at all. It's just part of it. In cycling, people cry that anti-doping laws aren't stringent enough. That's bs, as NFL players caught failing drug tests get 4-game suspenions, while still being paid. Professional cyclists typically get two year bans. American football, baseball, basketball.....just as dirty. It's just part of sport when money, sponsorship and high expectations are involved.

Here's an excerpt from a VeloNews article -
Basso's signing however has not been welcomed by all.

After a summer of doping suspicion and doping scandal the AIGCP, the body which represents professional teams, agreed in principle they would not sign riders implicated in the investigation, dubbed Operación Puerto.

It was also agreed they would work towards allowing the sport's ruling body, the UCI, to request DNA samples from all riders before the end of the year in a bid to crank up the fight against doping.

Basso was cleared to ride by his national governing body after a Spanish judge declined to supply further evidence from Operación Puerto to those seeking sanctions against any of the suspects.

That was enough for seven-time Tour winner Lance Armstrong's former team, Discovery, to finally secure Basso's signature after years of pursuing him. However, other teams expressed concern, saying the deal was a violation of a unified stand not to hire riders who have declined to cooperate with the Puerto investigation.

Francaise des Jeux team manager Marc Madiot feels that any remaining suspicion over Basso would disappear with a simple DNA test.

He said it would prove that his blood was not among those found at the laboratory of Eufemiano Fuentes, a Spanish sports doctor suspected of masterminding a doping and blood doping network.

"I'm annoyed that what we agreed on (not to sign suspected riders) has not been respected," he said in Friday's edition of L'Equipe.

In an apparent jibe at Discovery Channel he added that "at least some light has been shed on the situation. We now know who is who and where they stand. We want to believe Basso is innocent, but he should give a DNA sample so that it can be compared the blood found in bags in Madrid."

Thus far, Basso has refused to give a DNA sample.

His former manager at CSC, former Tour de France winner Bjarne Riis, had been under pressure from the team's sponsor to get rid of doping suspects and he is annoyed the AIGCP agreement was not respected.

"I am left without the best (rider) in the world, but I also risked my team disappearing," Riis told Gazzetta dello Sport this week. "Only a few days ago, the Pro Tour teams expressed their intention to stop signing riders mixed up in Operación Puerto in addition to requiring a DNA test.

"In the end, the interests of individuals prevail while the initiatives go disregarded."

T-Mobile director Rolf Aldag was also angry at what he called a "double standard," after his team also fired a top Tour contender, Jan Ullrich, after the Puerto allegations were released.

Aldag told that he finds it "inconceivable that Basso will sign with Discovery Channel. Both he and Ullrich should prove their innocence," by supplying DNA samples.

Back to winter

i should have snapped a photo of our mud field, I mean front yard, last night. Almost all of the snow had melted off, and it was just a barren piece of mud and rocks. Predictably, just as the yard had melted off, it began to snow again last night after work. We only had a little over 2" when I left for work this morning, but the forecast is calling for 18-30" by middle of next week. Promising forecast for winter sports, not nearly so for riding the bike. It is, after all, mid-November, so it's fine by me. Like last year, I may start having some dicey drives to get down to the Front Range for some 'cross races. Tomorrow will be a good test, as I am looking forward to finally having a good showing at Boulder Res. About a month left on the cross season. Might be about time to do my first snow mountain bike ride of the season. And Sallie Barber Road is calling too, I need to get my BC skis out of the attic!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Alina and Helen on race day

Helen's tough. 3rd woman overall and 18th out of 232 total finishers. still impresses me, given everything else she does and her lack of sufficient sleep.

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Blue Moon

Alina enjoys music with her great uncle, g'ma, great g'ma and mom.

blue moon, I think

Alina goes to VA

looking tough, not sure where. looks like she's about to pick a bar fight to me.

with mom, g'ma and great g'ma at the Boar's Head Inn in Charlottesville. what better company could Alina ask for?

some nice colors. the east has Colorado easily beat in the fall color department.

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alina takes piano lessons from her great Uncle George

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looking old(er)

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too much

going on. Still feeling good after a podium finish Saturday at the USGP Xilinx Cup. Yeah I didn't win (and could have), but I was in the winning break of 3 and we had a good gap on the rest of the field. It was a bunch of fun. Sunday didn't go as well, as I had a great start bu then faded like a shooting star. rolled in for 16th.

the other day, alina was trying to open a cabinet in the bathroom. after trying one side and realizing it wasn't moving (since it was the hinged side), she immediately went to the other side and opened it right up. Pretty cool how smart she is. Sounds like she did well travelling back to VA once again for Helen's Mountain Masochist race. Helen did well, coming in 3rd overall women, and 18th out of over 230 finishers. Check it out here.

The weather has been awesome for riding, crappy for skiing. Fine by me, as I know it is very fleeting, considering it's about the middle of November. Looking forward to getting the ghosts out on Saturday by finally having a good ride at the Boulder Res course. Yesterday I was motoring down Hwy 9 to meet Tim in Frisco, loving the sunshine, warm temps and the music on my Nano. Then heading back towards Breck with Scott and Tim, I flatted. The cartridge was a dud, so I rode a flat to the kennel where Jenny was nice enough to leave the office to come pick me up. I won't make the mistake of only 1 cartridge on today's ride. Looks like more nice weather.

The house is coming along. Blinds should be in next week, and hopefully our replacement garage door panel will be here as well. Bedroom set will be a few more weeks.

Work is building up. Numbers look great, but I have some Operational concerns. I gotta step up.

Friday, November 03, 2006


the big cross weekend is here. I am real excited to be racing in what looks to be mild dry weather, which will make for fast courses. Hopefully I will get a call-up, which translates to a front row position. Top 5 would be awesome. Still another month of cross left. Hard to imagine staying fit that long, but I think I am fitter than I really think. If I can maintain 4hrs per week, which is nothing, I should be okay until early December. But the snowsports beckon too...