Thursday, November 19, 2009

Alina gets her new glasses fixed

Best of all, the eyeglass place was able to bend the arms so they can
wrap around her ears. So hopefully no more glasses strap needed!

Alina in Holiday attire

Going to the LRSH Thanksgiving dinner tonight. Hopefully Alina sings
on the stage for us. Maybe swapping out for her new pair of glasses.

Monday, November 09, 2009

cyclocross, and The Cyclocross meeting

Fellow 35+ Open racer and good guy Greg Keller in his blog, MudAndCowbells, interviews Brian Vernor. Brian put together the Pure Sweet Hell documentary about the 2003 cyclocross season, and damn it was good. Brian has a new movie out, debuting in Bend at cross nats this December, called "The Cyclocross Meeting". This documentary follows Kona honch Barry Wicks as he travels over to Japan to race cross. Interesting how the culture is obviously so different, yet the Japanese still seem so similar in their passion for cyclocross. I'll of course need to check this out. Prob help with the winter trainer sessions too.