Wednesday, May 28, 2008


is in the books. We raced in Eagle, which is about 60mi west of Breckenridge. That meant beautiful lush green landscaping, and warmer weather. Not surprisingly, the course was super dusty, but at least I could see. Left before results were posted, but hopefully in the top 1/3rd of vet expert. The singletrack was very flowy, but presented problems when I was stuck behind a couple of strings of slower riders on the 2nd lap. Then again on the steep climb, the guy in front lost his traction, and I had to get off the bike for a bit. That's where Darren and Steve passed me. I latched back on during the final descent, Darren came around Steve, as did I, but I couldn't close on Darren. Fun race, legs felt good, but HR was only 180max. Not sure yet of the AVG, but it was a good,fast 12mi 57min race for early season fitness. Race Saturday down in Bailey, then Wednesday in Frisco, then the following Saturday in Vail.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

neighborhood pics


i don't do these too often, that's for sure.

Lakeshore tr

fun to be on dirt almost whenever I want, even if it's early and on the same trails at the peninsula. Short race tomorrow in Eagle, hopefully I'll feel good.

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am singletrack

Tacky trails...

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Monday, May 26, 2008

feeling old

yeah 6yr wedding anniversary and I am really happy. I thought today after work, provided it's not raining/sleeting/snowing, Helen, Alina & I could all go out for a nice walk around our neighborhood. Then it dawned on me - ONLY OLD PEOPLE GO FOR WALKS AROUND THEIR NEIGHBORHOODS! oh well, we enjoy our walks!

Olympic mtb course in Laoshan

all I hear from the riders is that the course is lame and the air is full of pollution. Probably true, but this link shows some cool features.

hours in the saddle, and Filip

Just over 2.5hrs on the mtb on Saturday out at Frisco peninsula. It was awesome to finally be riding dry singletrack out there. Sure it's not the great trails Summit County is known for, but still dry dirt trails just a 15min drive from my house. Bike felt good, and wearing a HR monitor for the first time in a while (thanks Helen and Nike), it was cool to see that on some steeper climbs I could still get my HR up to 188. I prob rode around or above LT for good chunks of time, in the 165-175 range. Sunday I got up early and rode Vail Pass and back to the house to shed some layers.

Then I met up with Filip Meirhaeghe for another couple hours. Filip has been coming to Breck every May or June for several years now. Coincidentally he stayed in a condo my office managed, and ever since we've tried to get him a good deal when here training. His career has been a shooting star, going from overall mountain bike xc World champion to a banned rider due to a failed drug test due to EPO use. In this article, Filip states "I took EPO for the first time in my career seven weeks ago during a training camp in Austria. I absolutely did not want to fail at the Olympics, which was my ultimate goal," he continued. "As soon as I heard the positive result I knew it was the end of my career."

He admitted the pressure was overwhelming for him to be the best in the world. Now after his 2 year ban ended, he was back with a different sponsor racing most of the World Cups, including a few top 10s and a final 10th overall for the 2007 series. Surely there are riders who still hate him for what he's done. But he seems sincere in his approach now, and says he served his ban and is back training. He and his wife Kelly had a baby boy 11 weeks ago. Between his new family, his ongoing work restoring his old house, Filip tells me his motivation is changing. He is fortunately an auto-qualifier for the Belgian Olympic mtb team, so that is his final carrot if you ask me. The world championships in early June (Olympic year), a few World Cups for training, and then the Olympics. After that, who knows for him.

Six Years

Today is Helen and I's 6th wedding anniversary. Wow, 6 fantastic years with the woman I love. And with Alina in the picture for the last 2.5 years, I definitely feel like there is a great balance in my life. Sure I sometimes wish I had more time for this or that, but ultimately I appreciate every ounce of every thing in my life. Now that's balance.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

another house pic

this time Alina wasn't in the picture, and I think I nailed the lighting this time, though my white balance is a hair on the pink side!

SB80 CL bounced into wall/ceiling
SB80 CR bounced into wall/ceiling
SB80 in far room by entry door, bounced into opposite wall
580EX on cam w/ diffuser for fill

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Gulf Shores trip

was great. warmth, sunshine and great company. much needed rest from the snow. although our yard is now fully melted and looking nice around, they are calling for up to a few inches by tomorrow night. uggh!

For those interested, here are about 80 pics from Gulf Shores in a WebAlbum-

May 2008 Gulf Shores

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

multiple strobe interior

Alina was napping and this was the short window of time I had! My new Nikon SB80s are incredible. Manual power adjustment down to 1/128 in 1/3rd stop increments.

on-camera 580ex 1/8
SB80 camera left, bounced up into wall/ceiling joint at 1/4 (should have reduced, a bit hot)
SB80 camera right, handheld up high bounced into wall/ceiling joint at 1/8
SB80 in far entry hallway, bounced back at 1/4 power (this is bit too hot)

keep pedaling kid

I copied this from Greg Keller of Mud and Cowbells fame. He of course is an avid cyclist like myself. How funny is this clip?! ENJOY

Monday, May 12, 2008

well a break is here

leaving for N.O. and Gulf Shores tomorrow. Couldn't come at a better time, as AGAIN it is puking snow outside, and it's mid-May! They're calling for 5-10" by tomorrow evening. Hopefully the roads won't be too bad when we drive down to DIA tomorrow. It isn't too often one has to worry about icy roads in mid-May, but this has been an unusually and consistently brutal winter. And it just won't quit. I wonder how many locals have snapped and are moving? The rollers just aren't the same as riding outside. Ah well...the miles will come thick and fast. For now, I just want to relax with my extended family in a warm place. More from the road, including some crappy pics from my phone.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

winter still comes and goes

Friday night and into Saturday we had 6" of snow. High temp yesterday was in the mid 30s. I went to the Basin with Dave and had one of my better powder days of the year, on May 10th! That is unheard of for me, as I'm usually entirely in bike mode in May. And then today it was sunny and 60. Just when I think the bulk of big snows must be over for the season, 9 News is saying we're expecting a stronger storm tomorrow night and into Tuesday, with up to 12" of snow forecasted for Summit County. Are you kidding me?! Winters like this wear thin on us. Gulf Shores couldn't come at a better time!

happy mom day

Helen, you are the best. Alina and I couldn't be any luckier. Hopefully soon you can enjoy a real vacation!

Friday, May 09, 2008

a few more

plenty of green

checking out the stream with Granddaddy

really big tree
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more from San Francisco

postcard view

Two happy tree huggers

Alina's endorsement of Muir Woods
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pics from Helen's trip to SF last wknd

Alina distracted...

WOW, look at the size of that carousel!

Alina still spellbound. Grandma naturally is watching her back!
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pics from Helen's trip to SF last wknd

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Miwok 100K

Helen did an amazing run in an amazing place last weekend. The Miwok 100K, located just north of San Francisco in the Marin County headlands. A coastal area with usually perfect weather. And last weekend was no exception as it was in the upper 60s and a hazy sunshine. Helen was up against a stellar field, racing an unproven distance of 100k/66mi. She has done many 50s and 100s, but never a 100K. Well she didn't disappoint and finished a super strong 7th place! I posted some pics below, courtesy of Smug Mug and some other local photogs. Bill & Mary took some pics, as did Helen before and after the race. If I can find some time this wknd, I will post those as well.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

May 8th, winter still here

this time last year I had ridden my mtb on the Frisco peninsula trails 3-4x already, and I was only 8 days away from my first ride on the lower flume trails here in Breck. Not so this year.

Below is an excerpt from the CAIC website-

Mountain Weather and Avalanche Forecast for the Vail and Summit County Zone
Forecast Issued on 5/7/2008 2:37:32 PM
Forecaster: Spencer Logan
Weather Synopsis

Will winter ever give up in the northern mountains? They are in for another round of spring snow tonight and Thursday. With total snow accumulations of more than 6 inches possible, it's more than dust on crust. Mashed potatoes? Cream cheese frosting?

Wednesday afternoon the warm temperatures will drive another round of convective storms. The showers will get a boost this evening as a shallow trough pushes in from the west. There will be snow along a cold front associated with the trough. The San Juans will see a dusting of snow, the central mountains a good period of snow overnight, and the northern mountains over 12 hours of light snow. Light snow continues in the north until mid-afternoon Thursday, when convection kicks off another round of showers statewide. Temperatures will be 10 to 15 degrees cooler Thursday than on Wednesday, and mostly cloudy skies will reduce the impact of the sun on the snow. A weak ridge forms late Thursday night, but it only lasts through Friday. A pair of fronts mean another round of snow Friday night into Saturday.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008


this is what my boss is doing pretty much the whole month of May. must be nice, huh?

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Chalk Creek Stampede

No. 3 is in the books courtesy of the MSC race in Nathrop. Same course as last weekend's practice race in the Yeti Spring Series. Big difference was the 4th lap, 28miles total. But the perfect weather made up for the extra 7miles. It was sunny, and in the low 60s. But more importantly, there was NO WIND. Sweet! Last time there was a serious sustained wind. So we were maintaining a higher average speed. THe race started and I missed the initial selection almost right away. I think 4-5 guys were about 200yds in front, and they crushed it on the first climb and that was it. I rode 5th-10th. First lap I fell off, 2nd lap I rode better, third was even faster as I hooked up with the speed train of Mark & David. Held on to their train for about a lap, only to fall off and ride the fourth lap a bit cracked. 28mi in just under 2hr16min. 8th place out of 26. I was hoping for a top 7, so not far off. Going to pile on the miles this week as weather allows, then shoot up Sunshine Canyon in the HC this Saturday down in Boulder. Soon, I will be in the warm weather on the beach!

Friday, May 02, 2008

May 2, 2nd day of snow

2nd morning in a row wearing my Sorrels to take Montana out for a walk in the morning. Luckily the 5-10" they called for was more like 5" than 10". It's about 9:30 now and luckily it is a bit brighter out. Hopefully it won't be super windy tomorrow for the Nathrop race. Boy it's going to hurt!