Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Breck had an amazing sunset yesterday. just happened to look out my office window at the perfect time.

Friday, December 10, 2010

MotionX-GPS Track: Turks-Sallie-Country Boy


Jeff uses MotionX-GPS on the iPhone and is sharing with you the following track:

night tour with Ruby

Name:Turks-Sallie-Country Boy
Date:Dec 9, 2010 9:04 pm
(valid until Jun 8, 2011)
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Distance:4.96 miles
Elapsed Time:1:11:36
Avg Speed:4.2 mph
Max Speed:10.9 mph
Avg Pace:14' 26" per mile
Min Altitude:9,867 ft
Max Altitude:10,790 ft
Start Time:2010-12-10T04:04:27Z
Start Location: 
 Latitude:39.483168º N
 Longitude:106.009593º W
End Location: 
 Latitude:39.483384º N
 Longitude:106.009805º W


MotionX-GPS Commonly Asked Questions

  1. What is MotionX-GPS?
    MotionX-GPS is the essential GPS application for outdoor enthusiasts. It puts an easy-to-use, state-of-the-art handheld GPS on your iPhone.

  2. Can I use MotionX-GPS?
    Sure! MotionX-GPS can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store. Or try the free version, MotionX-GPS Lite .

  3. How can I display tracks in Google Earth?
    Follow the directions on the Google Earth web site to download and install the Google Earth program. Save the attached "TurksSallieCountry Boy.kmz" file to your computer. Launch Google Earth, select File, Open, and open the saved "TurksSallieCountry Boy.kmz" file.

  4. This email was forwarded to me. Where are the attachments?
    Some e-mail programs do not include the original attachments by default when forwarding an e-mail. In this case, the sender must reattach the original files for them to be included.


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The MotionX Team

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80s day at school!

Thursday, December 09, 2010

nice day

yesterday was a great day for shooting some snowy scenes in Breck

Monday, December 06, 2010

season is over!

Bike racing is done til at least late March or early April. That is good and bad. I am ready to devote my precious free time now to more time with my family, and to some projects around the house. Also of course there will be lots of snowboarding, xc & alpine skiing to be had.

The state championship race was this past Saturday at Monarch High School in Louisville, just south of Boulder. It was a very fun course, mostly flat, lots of grass, an obligatory sand pit, and overall very FAST! I knew warming up that I didn't have great legs, but also that this course would be good for me. At the start I did not clip in as quickly as I wanted to, so missed a few spots early. But then settle in to the 15-20 spots and rode there pretty much the whole race. Got stuck behind 1 crash and a couple of bobbles, but all in all did not make many mistakes. My chain derailed on the last lap and from there I lost 2 spots that I never could make up, finishing 16th. I really wanted to land in the top 10, but overall I wasn't too unhappy with the day. Pic below courtesy of Erin Pheil of Timeforcake fame. Thanks Erin!