Monday, July 27, 2009

it's not far away now...cyclocross

As I sit around cursing the first yellow aspen leaves and red ground vegetation on the mountain trails (it's not even August!), one good thing comes to mind...cyclocross! New tubular wheels are here, gotta pick them up. Looking forward to running lower pressures, getting better traction, having fewer excuses!

Thanks Adam for the great vid of day 2 of the Boulder Cup last fall.

Friday, July 17, 2009

nice acting

I went to high school with this guy, Craig Leydecker. Funny dude. Check 'em out in the talking in this vid, wearing the gold chain.

Helen's Hardrock 100

We had a fantastic time down in the San Juans last weekend for the Hardrock 100. Helen's crowning achievement thus far, this race was like no other. Over 33,000' of climbing over 100 miles, and about 35hrs of racing. Both of Alina's grandparents were able to make it out, so it was a mini family vacation too. We had mostly nice weather, and were lucky enough to see Helen at many aid stations. She is amazing! Finished up 3rd woman, within her time goal of sub 36hrs!

I grabbed this pic from the Fourth of July. Not many times can Alina ride her bike down Main Street in Breck with no traffic!

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Quinn's 4th birthday

We went to Quinn Mamula's 4th birthday party at Eric & Sara's
beautiful new house on Campion Ct. Pizza, beer & cake for the big
kids. Pizza, juice, cake and the famous McCormack bouncy castle for
the little kids. Quinn and his ciusin Eli are a riot.

Alina riding her bike to school

A fine evening it was last night