Monday, April 30, 2007


rode with Doug, Seth and Dennis on Saturday morning.
some pics from the top of Amasa Back ridge, looking out over the Colorado River.


a couple pics from Baby Steps...


I rode a trail near Klondike Bluffs called Baby Steps. On this slickrock climb, I came across this plant growing out of a perfect hole in the rock. Guess the rain washes right into it, and it didn't take long for something to happen this spring.


we rode Gemini Bridges just north of Moab. Helen's first ride on her new mtb too.


brushing her teeth before we left town.

the car loaded up and ready.


Diana ran a 10mi race Sunday morning. We went and watched.


Alina ready to run her own race.

Hanging out in a dry barren field on Sunday morning.


after over 9hrs of running, Helen is in the last 1/4mi here...



Diana and Josh manning one of the aid stations.

Alina loving the rocks and dirt.


Looking strong at about 25mi...

Alina hangs out for a sec at the 25mi aid station. she wasn't so thrilled when Helen quickly left for another 5hr lap.

Helen before the race, around 6am.

Monday, April 23, 2007


well we're here, and we're already having fun. Helen knocked an hour off her personal best at Fruita and came in 2nd overall woman. did a couple rides on Mary's, Horsethief and Rustler's. yesterday I did Amasa Back, and in about an hour I am going to do parts of Slickrock. connection in the room here is pretty slow, so pics will have to wait a bit.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

season is over

ski season is over. we had our end of season party tonight at Angel's Hollow. blackened red snapper with crawfish etouffe and soft shell crab. it was pretty good. a few beer and a few shots ensured I was getting a ride home tonight. helen left early to get Alina from the neighbors' house. i am very glad the ski season is over. now we can focus on summer and preparing for next year. it won't be too busy again until late June. tomorrow we're off to Fruita for Helen's race, the Spring Desert Ultra 50 miler out in Fruita. After we head out to Moab for hopefully some warm sunshine. More updates coming from the road. Took some great initial shots with the new Canon 28-135 ES.

Monday, April 16, 2007


swinging at the park

before the snow moved in we did a little ride to the park. Alina loves the swing.

washing a bike with alina

silverthorne spin

joined Tim, Evan and Tim Assor for a good ride yesterday. Went down to Silverthorne and a short climb through 3 Peaks before heading up and around Swan. Forced myself out of the comfort zone on a few occasions. Thankfully I did so, b/c it hasn't happened enough this year. Riding a lot is one thing, but riding above LT regularly is even better. Today is Alina's 18mo checkup, so I am going to ride down to the doctor's office in Frisco to meet up. A little over an hour and a half is a good thing, esp. with the forecasted snow coming in tonight. The weather this time next week doesn't look good in Moab. Hopefully we will get lucky and 60% will turn to 30% chance of showers.

Friday, April 13, 2007

big day

Alina peed in her potty (well, close to it) tonight. cool.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Guy drives wrong way on I-70 near Glenwood for 7 miles

I couldn't pass this one up from the Summit Daily News -

By Pete Fowler
garfield county correspondent
April 11, 2007

GLENWOOD SPRINGS — A Rifle police officer was “surprised and shocked” to see a man driving east in the westbound lanes on Interstate 70 around 12:15 a.m. Sunday, Police Chief Daryl Meisner said.

Police said the officer was returning to Rifle after a prison transport at the Garfield County Jail in Glenwood Springs, when he had to pull off the highway east of New Castle into the shoulder to avoid colliding with the vehicle driving the wrong way.

The vehicle then turned around and began heading in the right direction near mile marker 112. The officer contacted the vehicle and arrested 37-year-old Matthew Johnson of Montrose for DUI and unlawful possession of a firearm after noticing signs of intoxication. Johnson was released to the Colorado State Patrol. It’s illegal to possess any firearm while intoxicated, and the man had a revolver in his car, Meisner said.

The officer learned the man had been driving the wrong way on the highway for about seven miles, a police blotter report said.

Happy 30

Helen is 30 today. Huge day. celebrating tonight. I am lucky she's here, so's Alina.

Helen's dream

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


lots of stuff going on now. big news I suppose is the return of winter. riding today was great, and tomorrow could be unreal. we have prob rec'd over 12" since this time last night. just a few days ago our yard was the mud pit it was when we moved in back in October. now there's about a foot of snow out there, and it looks like January. riding the snow was fun, as i haven't had too many pow days this season. but even after laps on E chair with hardly anyone out, i realized that I would rather be riding my bike. that will soon happen as will be in the desert in just 10 days.


anywhere from about 6" (around the house) to over 12" (top of E chair) overnight, and it's still hammering now. As much as I prefer to ride my bike in April, snowboarding today was incredible. my first (and maybe last) great powder day of the season. no one is here too, so there were no lines, no one to worry about hitting you from behind. kinda like what Beaver Creek is like every day.