Wednesday, April 22, 2009

If you wanna have a ice cream cone...

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flow and courage

Two friends (who don't know each other, but are fellow bike geeks) sent me a link to this sick video of Danny MacAskill, a trials rider with Inspired Bikes out of the UK.

check it-

Monday, April 20, 2009

Fruita desert at 6:10a

Helen's 50mi race started at 6:30a, so we were there early. The remnants of the big storm this past wknd were in Fruita early Saturday morning in the form of some thin clouds. Made for a cool picture.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

McDonald's PlayPlace

Indoor playground at McD's. This thing's huge. Three stories. At first Alina was scared to go all the way to the top. Now she's been lapping it for 15min and doesn't want to get off. Why the heck didn't make these playgrounds as cool when I was under 4' tall but over 3 years old?! It's discrimination...McDonald's should make indoor playgrounds for us adults too!

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Hangin' after her victory

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Alina loving spring!

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Chow time

Alina & I at The Hot Tomato in Fruita. Cheese pizza and choc chip cookie for dessert! Yummy!

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Alina and I went up on course for a bit. She kept crashing on the road. The last crash scratched her glasses good, but she wasn't hurt otherwise. Bummer we just got the new glasses yesterday to replace the others. Hopefully her scratched lenses are also under warranty!

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On course in Fruita desert

Helen's in 1st place now...we just saw her at mile 32. She ran a 3:54 1st 25mi....with 4000' elev gain!

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Thursday, April 16, 2009

spring storm

it's snowing heavily outside now. CAIC forecasted 3-6" tonight, 5-10" tomorrow, and another 3-6" tomorrow night...for a storm total of 11-17" by Saturday morning. That's looking about right at this point. I wouldn't be surprised to wake up to 6" tomorrow, but they say it's going to pause briefly overnight before heavy snow all day tomorrow. Should be fun driving over Vail Pass! As long as truckers chain up and everyone drives smartly, it shouldn't be a big deal. Since this is upslope, I'd much rather be driving over Vail Pass than down to Denver tomorrow. We'll see.

Looking forward to watching Helen's race Saturday. And I'm also looking forward to my race on Sunday!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter in Boulder

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Trea's boy

Vincent Sciortino

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Mountain lions @ Betasso

I'd pay big bucks to see a live mtn lion...assuming he/she wasn't hungry! I did see one last summer just north of Breckenridge, but sadly it was hit by a car as it was crossing Hwy 9. Absolutely magnificent creatures.

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Took this at my 6a brkfst at the Hills before I head down to mtb at Betasso. Pretty sure Alina (and her dad) will enjoy the candy!

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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Alina prepping dessert

Angel food & strawberries

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At the Hills

On top of Sugarloaf. Celebrating Helen's 32nd b-day. We all have slight colds...but are drinking wine anyway! Life's too short not to!

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Playground @ N. Boulder Park

Overcast..but almost 60F

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