Sunday, May 04, 2008

Chalk Creek Stampede

No. 3 is in the books courtesy of the MSC race in Nathrop. Same course as last weekend's practice race in the Yeti Spring Series. Big difference was the 4th lap, 28miles total. But the perfect weather made up for the extra 7miles. It was sunny, and in the low 60s. But more importantly, there was NO WIND. Sweet! Last time there was a serious sustained wind. So we were maintaining a higher average speed. THe race started and I missed the initial selection almost right away. I think 4-5 guys were about 200yds in front, and they crushed it on the first climb and that was it. I rode 5th-10th. First lap I fell off, 2nd lap I rode better, third was even faster as I hooked up with the speed train of Mark & David. Held on to their train for about a lap, only to fall off and ride the fourth lap a bit cracked. 28mi in just under 2hr16min. 8th place out of 26. I was hoping for a top 7, so not far off. Going to pile on the miles this week as weather allows, then shoot up Sunshine Canyon in the HC this Saturday down in Boulder. Soon, I will be in the warm weather on the beach!